Experiment: After a recent break-up, I took the plunge and signed up to swipe for love on JSwipe – the jewish tinder. Ryan had me at hello – he was a short brunette Jew with a love of sushi and wine. He had a job, an apartment in NYC so I checked all the boxes off. We set up our date to meet on a Tuesday evening – I should’ve seen the warning signs when we tried to schedule our date because he first wanted to meet at 6pm, who does that? And when I suggested 7, he said 7:15pm. This boy is clearly confused. But I went along for the ride and I’m so glad I did because this one is a real knee slapper. Ryan didn’t have much to say and was much much skinnier than I imagined. Picture like a thin 14 year old boy. The whole night he played with his hair and seemed extremely uncomfortable. I figured we’ll I gave it my best shot – I’m putting myself out there and the 2 beers we casually sipped won’t kill me. Well, I got home and received a text from Ryan saying he had a great time and he’s glad we got to meet. Now I was confused. The following day he asked if I wanted to hang out again and though my gut said let it go, my fingers texted back “sure why not…” We never made plans to hang out again but I did receive a text from him asking me if I have ever been with a black guy. I said no…and that that was random and awkward. The awkwardness did not end there. Here is an excerpt from our text chat:

  • Ryan: what type of guys do you usually date?
  • Margo: the wrong ones. what type of girls do you like to date?
  • Ryan: I’m much more interested in hearing about the guys, tbh.
  • Margo: As in, you would like to date dudes?
  • Ryan: Kind of. Yes, why are you surprised?
  • Ryan: I also like to dress up in women’s clothing sometimes.
  • Margo: Is this a joke?
  • Ryan: No, am I weirding you out?
  • Margo: yes…can I ask why you chose to tell me and why you are on dating site for girls?
  • Ryan: Can you guess what type of guys I go for?
  • Margo: I really don’t want to have this convo with you.
  • Ryan: You seemed understanding; want to be friends or am I too weird for you.

Result: Let me think about this one for a minute…You’re too weird Ryan, you are too weird.