Back when I first started dating, after my ex and I decided we were done for real, I downloaded Tinder. New to the dating scene and excited for the potential of meeting my next suitor on this illustrious new app, I swiped right for Nick –5’9, finance dude with dark brown hair and eyes to match. Nick had one picture which I now have learned is a big fat red flag. Nick and I decided to meet at a bar on a Friday night where I would actually be out with a few friends. I figured, tinder required back-up. It wasn’t like the safe haven of Jdate where everyone was a friend of a friend. Anyway, back to non-Jew Nick…Nick texted me when he got to the bar and I looked feverously around the bar to find the guy who claimed to be standing in front of me. However, the guy in front of me had a face full of pimples, dark black glasses and reddish hair. This was not the Nick of my Tinder dreams! I didn’t want to be rude as I understand online dating is a bit of an ego killer for some so I told him to follow me up the stairs to my friends. Nick was feeling a little feisty that night himself, and as we walked up the first stairs, I felt a hand tightly grab a chunk of my ass. At that point, I turned around to Nick and suggest we end the date there. No one grabs my ass on a first date – unless you’re the guy that Nick used for his pictures. Then you can call me and grab away 😉