My most recent date has driven me to not only drink but also delete all known dating apps. I don’t know if I’ve reached my breaking point or if he helped me right over the edge. Regardless, we will thank Drew for giving me the permission I felt I needed to take a break from the crazy world of online dating. Drew was sweet enough – we were originally supposed to meet up in March and something went terribly wrong. I feared the worst of course – he was in a car accident, a family tragedy, his dog ran away, anything except for that he just didn’t want to go out on our date. As fate would have it, I rejoined Jdate in early July and Drew was still active! The stars were aligning – I saw this as a sign and reached out via Jdate messenger with a casual and cheerful “hey stranger, how’s it going?” Turns out, Drew remembered me and he thought it was my fault we didn’t meet up! How silly! Good news is we were able to come up with a time and place to finally meet each other. I was so excited all week – it had to be fate that we were both single and still on JDate! My prince was finally waiting for me. We texted back and forth – he made me laugh, he told me I was funny & entertaining and I just love compliments, especially on my texting skills which I would say are top-notch!

Finally date night rolled around! I had some extra time at work so I got a manicure, my hair blown out and pre-picked my outfit so that I could really wow this Mr. Right. I can’t leave you in suspense any longer — he was again, another Mr. Wrong. Everything about him gave me a weird (weird, as in bad,) vibe. From the way he combed his hair, to the way he tucked in his shirt to the missing tooth on the left side of his mouth. His gums were just staring at me every time he gave me a polite little chuckle for the awkward little jokes I kept trying to make. On top of the weird vibe, he had this way of using his eyes far too much in conversation. When he would laugh, he would shut his eyes. When he would tell a story he would blink and look up. When he would listen to my ramblings, he would roll his eyes and then close them tightly and blink as if he was taking in every word I uttered. At one point, he touched my leg to explain how uncomfortable he gets when his couple-friends show their affection around him while he’s 3rd wheeling. One brush of his clammy hand was all I needed to have the courage to chug my glass of wine and let out a loud, exaggerated yawn expressing how tired I am and how I really should be getting home. I looked at the clock and to my despair, only an hour had passed and I could tell Drew wasn’t buying what I was selling but I couldn’t take a minute more of his blinking and toothless grin (ok, it was only one tooth but still).