So here goes nothing – I’ve talked about writing a book or a blog since I started online dating back in 2007 where I was actually quite successful in landing my “dream” guy – on paper – after just one single 4 hour date.

4 years later and that “dream guy on paper” sailed right out of my life and the world wide web lay right before my finger tips.

From the many different versions of JDate, OkCupid, Match and the traditional channels of online dating to the modern day applications that allow a user to merely swipe for love…This got me thinking; what if I swipe past my husband.

People say it’s a numbers game, but let me tell you – something just is adding up. In about 2 ½ years of my singlehood, I’ve been on over 100 first dates and I think I’m running of out short, jewish brunette men in NYC.
Good news is that I don’t think I’ve done that. Bad news is, I definitely have met some interesting characters by swiping “right”…

Tips for beginners:
1. Sundays are a landmine of messages from men. After a long weekend of not getting any, they are eager to set up their week of dates.

  1. 1 out of every 5 guys are gay.
  2. You will likely know 80% of the people you swipe through and no you do not have to swipe right just because they are your best friends boyfriends sisters brother. It doesn’t mean its meant to be; I promise.

So the guys will remain anonymous because I am a respectful person and I know that is what these crazies would want.